Friday, September 19, 2008

what seems to be the problem??

REST??? where this word came from\??? di ko ata alam ang meaning nito Saturday but need to go to an over time work but wait theres more what im doing in not inline with my JOB im going to prepare for the company sports fest haiz pahinga mo na nga ang Saturday ganito pa.. after nito may pupunthan pa ko at di ko alam san ako pupunta.. pero bibilisan ko lahat i want to accommodate all people needing my help.. kaso parang nakakaramdam na ko ng TIREDNESS ...haiz im just praying to GOD gave me strength that im needing..

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sad Truth

just bcoz my eyes don't have tirz
it doesnt mean my hart dsnt cry, a chooses to pretend
so i dont have to explain 2 pipol hu wud never even understand.
smiling is always easier than explaining 2 ol y i am sad
its never the tirs that measures d pain
sumtym its the smile we fake

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


2nd day of a BREAK up.. haiz... wala tlga ako sa wisho:( wake up early in the morning with no smiles at my face... my phone didn't beep no one texted me :( im used to read an early text message telling me to take my breakfast and take care of my self...

now only quotes from my friends and jowks frrom my colleagues ..
when i arrived at work go to my clinic and start my pending works around 8 am i finished it all.. and while im down strairs having papers photo copied my HR manager call my attention and she would like to talk to me.. i rushed to the clinic fix some things and attend my managers concern.. i dont have any PAPER.. u know what she say: " nasan ang papel mo wala kang susulatan ng mga sasbihin ko:( it devastate me.. u know what she wnt me to do... SPORTS FEST matter im the COMPANY NURSE its not my dutty to prepare these things... while she was talking and TALKING im not listening attentively.. i hate seeing her face it sucks.. it ruins my day.. she's one TUTUBI doing her own stuff when it reached deadline mangangarag ng ibang tao sa gnawa nyang kabalbalan

Monday, September 15, 2008

A life i choose to have...

Is more than i wanted..
A smiles beyond the brokenness of my LIFE
And a happy thought beyond the emptiness of my HEART
Life maybe UNFAIR
But LIFE teaches us to be FAIR A fair game you will struggle to win
But what is important is the journey you have, not the PRICE You will have at the end of your RACE
I know God have better PLANS for me
I'm just praying is for strength
and to have the courage stand to a vast of crowd Acting everything in my life is NORMAL